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Remote Slope Mower

Remote Slope Mower

Mowing On 50 Degree Slope
Dual-Battery Systems

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Remote Control Mower

Remote Control Mower

Grass Mowing And Snow Removal

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4WD Mower

4WD Mower

Safe and Fast Mowing Grass

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Slope Mower Remote

Slope Mower Remote

China's Leading Manufacturer

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  • Professional Team

    Professional Team

    We have experienced machinery engineers, skilled workers and professional product managers.

  • High Standard

    High Standard

    We specialize in designing and manufacturing mini excavators and remote control machinery.

  • Global Support

    Global Support

    We sell our products to all over the world, especially in America, Europe, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan.

  • Meticulous Service

    Meticulous Service

    If you have any questions, please contact us any time, whether it’s day or night, whether it’s weekday or holiday.

About Us

China's leading remote control mower and remote control snow blower manufacturer - Max (Shandong) Industrial Co., Ltd

As well-known Remote Control Mower, Remote Control Snow Blower and Mini Excavator manufacturer, Max (Shandong) Industrial Co Ltd welcome dealers from China and foreign to contact us.

Our products are mainly be sold to Europe, Japan, USA and Australia.
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What sets us apart from the competition? Our ability to listen to our customers!

We are China's leading remote control lawn mower manufacturer and remote control snow blower manufacturer.

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