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Remote Control Lawn mower HS500-24

Model: MAX HS550-24V

Engine type: Brand Rato 5.5hp 225cc gasoline engine

Starting system: electric start and remote start

Voltage: 24 V

Walking speed: 4 km/h

Cutting system: floating blades

Cutting width: 500 mm

Max slope: 45 degree

Machine weight: 150 kg

Size: 93*90*64cm

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Remote Control Lawnmower For Sale

Remote control lawnmower is a newest mini slope lawn mower. We are the leading manufacturer of remote controlled lawn mower in China.

For this RC mower, we use circuit board instead of electronic speed controller. So it is more durable. It can work on various terrains such as slopes, dry fields and solar power stations. If you have a lawn ground on a slope, I recommend this mower with cheap price, but high quality.

remote control slope mower

This remote control lawnmower is also a hybrid power remote controlled lawn mower. Petrol engine provides power to the cutter system and drives the blades to rotate at high speed. At the same time, petrol engine provides power to alternator through belt. Alternator charges storage battery. Storage battery provides power to the circuit system and electric travel motors. Electric travel motors drive the machine to walk.

Remote Control Lawnmower

Its main product parameters as below.

Model: MAX550B.

Engine type: Brand Rato 5.5hp 223cc gasoline engine.

Starting system: electric start and remote start.

Voltage: 24 V.

Walking speed: 0-3 km/h.

Cutting system: floating blades.

Cutting width: 500 mm.

Max slope: 45 degree.

Machine weight: 140 kg.

Size: 88*93*66 cm

How to become our dealer

If you want to be our dealer in your country, you must have your own company. And you must be in the field of garden machinery or construction machinery. We can support you a lot. For example, we can use your trademark or logo on the machine. You can also choose any color for your machine. We can even customize an exclusive appearance for you. Of courese, we can meet your any requirements if this will help you to get more profit.If you want to learn more its information, please send product inquiry directly.

Please contact us through email / WhatsAPP / Wechat.

Q1: Why Choose Us?

A1: We are direct remote control lawn mower manufacturer, not China’s trading company.


Q2: What products do you manufacture?

A2: Remote control lawn mower.

       Remote control snow blower.

       Mini excavators with model 08, 10 and 12.

       Mini walk behind skid steer loader.



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