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Remote Control Mowers/

Remote Controlled Slope Mower

Engine type: 13hp 452cc single cylinder gasoline engine

Starting system: electric start and remote start

Voltage: 24 V

Walking speed: 0-4 km/h

Cutting system: floating blades

Cutting width: 800 mm

Max slope: 45 degree

Machine weight: 240 kg

Size: 107*115*67 cm

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Remote controlled slope mower Black Panther 800 for sale

Black Panther 800 is a high quality all terrain remote controlled slope mower with competitive price. The remote controlled slope mower is suitable for clearing all kinds of weeds. Especially, it can complete the work of mowing the grass on dangerous steep slope by simple operation.

Black Panther 800 remote controlled slope mower is suitable work for greening, orchard, hills, slope, side road, embankment.

Main parameters

Engine: Loncin 13hp 452cc single cylinder gasoline engine.

Starting system: electric start / remote start and stop / recoil.

Travel motor: 2×700 watt.

Travel speed: 0-4 km/h.

Mowing system: floating blade, blade thickness 4.5mm.

Cutting width: 800mm.

Cutting height: 20-150mm.

Deck material: 3.5mm thickness steel.

Max slope: 45 degree.

Weight: 240kg.

Size: Length 1070mm – Width 1150mm – Height 670mm.

Fuel tank capacity: 5L.

Precautions for use

•Please startup the equipment in correct sequence. Wrong startup

 sequence maybe damage the equipment.

•When operating remote controller, please push the forward and

 backward operating sticker slowly to avoid accelerating too fast and

 damaging the equipment.

•If you are operating for the first time, please operate at low speed

 and on level ground until you get used to the operation.

•When moving equipment, please check that there are no people

 or animals around it, and be careful about safety.

•When inspecting, servicing, adjusting, cleaning or refueling, please

 turn off engine and main power switch and perform it in a flat place.

•Before mowing, please inspect entire work area and remove any

 bouncing objects such as stones, glasses and empty cans.

•When driving on a slope, the equipment may slip off, so please do

 not stand directly under or near the equipment.

•Do not touch the engine, muffler, etc. as it becomes extremely hot

 during operation and immediately after stopping.

•Do not touch the equipment after rotating the blade, as you will be

 injured if your hands, feet or clothes get caught in the rotating part.

•Do not use in the rain.

•Do not allow the equipment and remote controller to get wet with

 rain, etc., as it may cause a malfunction.

•Do not use bent, deformed or damaged blades.

•To prevent accident caused by scattered objects, please wear

protective clothing, protective glasses, protective cap, gloves, and

non-slip safety shoes.  

•When storing, turn off all the power switch of the equipment and

 remove mud and dirt adhering to the equipment.

•Be sure to follow the warnings and precautions on the label.

Q1: Why Choose Us?

A1: We are direct remote control lawn mower manufacturer, not China’s trading company.


Q2: What products do you manufacture?

A2: Remote control lawn mower.

       Remote control snow blower.

       Mini excavators with model 08, 10 and 12.

       Mini walk behind skid steer loader.



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