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Mini Excavators

Mini excavators are small construction machinery. Due to its small size, it is suitable for working in gardens, orchards, indoors or other small spaces. People use it for light demo, material handling, stump removal, construction projects or landscaping. Because of these capabilities, it is popular for smaller projects in construction and landscaping.

With its name, the mini excavator goes by many names. English-speaking countries call it mini ex, small excavator, mini digger, mini hoe and compact excavator. In Germany, people call it minibagger. The French call it mini pelle and Poles call mini koparki. No matter what you call this machine, it is small enough to get any type of precise digging done.

This kind of machine is very popular in countries such as Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia. Because these countries have high labor costs, this mini excavator can replace labor and improve work efficiency.

Like other excavators, users can also equip mini excavators with various attachments. It can install with quick hitch, clamp bucket, thumb clamp, breaker hammer, anger, ripper etc. It means if you own a mini excavator, you can do many things.

Many world-renowned construction machinery and agricultural machinery brand manufacturers manufacture mini excavators. Compared with these brand small excavators, our excavators have more advantages in price. Although low price, our quality is also very good, very durable, and maintenance costs are also very low.

Finally, I solemnly introduce MAX08 mini excavator. It weighs only more than 600 kilograms. We are the first manufacturer to manufacture this type of compact excavator.

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