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Remote Control Mowers

Remote control mowers are radio-controlled mowing machines. Operator use remote control to control them for walking and mowing work. This makes mowing operations more safer.

According to different walking, radio-controlled mowers have rubber track slope mowers and wheel lawn mowers.

Rubber track slope mower equips rubber track walking device. It has excellent climbing ability. Operator can control it to mow on all terrain. Ride-on mower can’t mow on complex terrain, but it can. This type of slope mower is suitable for mowing on hillside, steep-incline, wetland, swamp, embankment and roadside.

Wheel lawn mowers have fast travel speed. This type of lawn mower is suitable for fast mowing operations on flat terrain or gentle slopes.

There are many brands of remote control mowers in Europe and America, such as Spider, Green Climber, RC mowers, Agria, Trackmow, Evatech and so on. All of their remote control mowers have excellent mowing ability, but these mowers are also very expensive. Many people cannot afford it. Most people prefer to spend less money to get a satisfactory remote control lawn mower. We did it.

We are China’s first and leading remote control lawn mower manufacturer and supply various types of radio controlled mowers. Our mowing machines also have excellent mowing performance and climbing ability, and the price is only one-third or less of theirs. This is the important reason why our mowers are popular in Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea.

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