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MAX RC Lawn Mower Cutter

Blade: 2 piece

Cutterhead: 1 piece

Material: iron

Thickness: 4.51mm

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This Remote control lawn mower cutter is uesd for all our lawn mower.

MAX750B MAX600 MAX800L MAX800H

Cutters were tested in various types and we finally decided on floating blades.The blade and cutter head are tightly connected using special screws and will not fall off. The connection between the blade and the cutter head can be moved, which can greatly reduce the damage to the generator when the cutter touches a solid object.

Advantage of Cutter

Material: Selected high-quality manganese steel base, strong and durable. High temperature quenching treatment, with higher hardness and stiffness. The surface is spray-painted, which is beautiful and rust-proof and easy to preserve.

Efficiency: It cuts grass quickly and cleanly, leaving your lawn looking neat and tidy.

Safety: The design of the cutter takes a number of safety measures to make people feel more at ease during operation.

Applicability: The ability to adapt to different grass fields and terrains. Whether it’s a flat lawn or irregular terrain, it can handle it with ease.

Parameters of Lawn Mower Cutter

Please see the following parameters to know Remote Control Lawn Mower Cutter.

Blade: 2 piece

Cutterhead: 1 piece

Material: steel

Thickness: 4.51mm

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