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International Marketing Department

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WhatsApp: +8615153112367

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Address: 200 Meters South Of Nanzhang Market, Nanzhang Street, Rencheng District, Jining City, Shandong Province, China.

China’s Leading Remote Mower Manufacturer
China’s Professional Remote Snow Blower Manufacturer  
China’s First 800kg Mini Excavator Manufacturer


If you are searching for information about remote control lawn mowers and remote control snow blowers, please submit your inquiry by filling out the form below and our customer care team will make a reply.

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    International Department

    We specialize in mini excavators and remote control lawn mowers.

    Marketing Department

    We are China's first 800kg mini excavator manufacturer and also the best.

    Engineer Chris

    We are constantly improving our products to more durable.

    Katherine Yang

    We are happy to offer the best factory price and sales-service.

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