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Mini Excavators/

Mini Excavator For Sale

Product Name: mini excavator

Product Name: MAX10pro

Engine Type: Diesel

Engine Power: 8.6 kw

Emission Standard: Euro V

Displacement: 499 cc

Operating Weight: 730 kg

Bucket Capacity: 0.025 m³

Max Digging Radius: 3010 mm

Max Digging Depth: 1520 mm

Max Digging Height: 2400 mm

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Mini Excavator For Sale – 2023 New Design

Mini excavator for sale with cheap price.

This is our newest mini excavator. It combines the advantages of many well-known small excavators. Its movements are smooth and the operation is comfortable, so it will be the best mini excavator. This micro excavator can help people do many jobs. People can use it in garden, woods, farm fields and construction sites. it is ideal for digging trenches and removing turf in hard-to-reach places. People can also match it with various attachments to do more work.

Demo Video

Let us have a better understanding of this excavator through a short video.

As you see in the video, this mini excavator has many advantage. Please see the detailed features.

  1. Operating joysticks on both sides. This design makes operator more comfortable to operate the excavator.
  2. Built-in hydraulic tubing. This is more nice appearance and increases the life of the hydraulic tubes. 
  3. Big arm cylinder on top, not bottom.
  4. Swing arm is available – left 55° and right 55°.
  5. Double gear pump. Two gear pumps make movement more more flexible.
  6. Featured engine protection cover for easy maintenance and engine cooling.
  7. Leather seat with seat belt and drainage hole.
  8. Fast walking speed – 3km/h. As you see in the video, its walking speed is faster than normal small excavators.

If you are looking for mini excavators, I think this mini digger will be a better choice.

Don’t worry about the quality. We specialize in mini excavators with model 08, 10 and 12. These three excavators are good quality. We also cooperate with many Chinese trading companies. These trading companies have sold our mini excavators all over the world. So I’m sure you must have seen our mini diggers on some websites.

Welcome you to be our dealer in you country. Because good quality and cheap price, I trust you will sell it well.

Engine Choice

About engines, you can choose 3 engines. If you want to learn more about engines, please click the following links.

Koop diesel engine https://www.koopchina.com/product/Diesel-Engine-KD192F-FE.html

Changchai diesel engine http://overseas.changchai.com/en/ShowProInfo.asp?Product_id=118

Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine https://www.briggsandstratton.com/as/en_ph/product-catalog/engines/horizontal-shaft/xr-135-hp-gasoline-engine.html

  1. We specialize in mini excacator with model 08, 10 and 12.
  2. Experienced designers, skilled workers and professional sales experts.
  3. Competitive price advantage and best sales-service.
  4. We accept OEM orders to help build your brand.

Q1: Why Choose Us?

A1: We are direct mini excavator manufacturer, not China’s trading company.

Q2: What products do you manufacture?

A2: Mini excavators with model 08, 10 and 12.

Remote control lawn mower.

Remote control snow blower.

Q2: What other advantages do you have?

We can cooperate to design new mini tracked machinery and remote control machinery.


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