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remote control slope mower

Remote control slope mower for sale.

It is a upgraded remote control mower. And it has made more better improvements.

As its name, remote control slope mower is suitable for mowing on all terrain. Such as slope, hillside, wetland, embankment and roadside. Operator only need to use remote control to control its travel, steer and blade.

Besides different appearance, the main difference between the old mower and upgraded mower as below.

About engine, the old mower equips pull start engine. Upgraded mower equips electric start engine.

Battery capacity is different. The old mower is 24Ah and upgraded mower is 40Ah.

And different electric motor, the old mower equips cheap motor and upgraded mower equips brand motor.

About mower blade, the old mower equips cross blade and upgraded mower equips Italian blade.

We are china’s leading remote control lawn mower manufacturer. If you find the same mower as ours, it must be made by us. We are the real and original RC slope mower factory. All other suppliers are trading companies. These trading companies only sell our old model. You can find from their website or online store that these trading companies sell all kinds of machines. Only we specialize in remote control mower. Only we can offer you the best factory price and after-sales service.

Besides mowing function, we can also mount snow blade on mower. If you are looking for remote control mower, please contact us. Maybe we can also customize the mower you want.

Please contact us to get more information of remote control slope mower.

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