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remote control lawn mower

Remote control lawn mower for sale

It belongs to slope mowing machine. It keeps your mowing crew off of steep slope, hillside, wetland, swamp, roadside and embankment. Traditional riding mowers can not reach these places and these places also involve risks. So in these places, people can not operate traditional mowing machine to mowing.

Remote control lawn mower solve the problem. It is an innovative slope mower for work in extreme conditions including areas with steep slopes or others. These areas present danger to the operator.

Thanks to the triangle track system and its low weight. Rubber track remote mower allows the operator to work in complete safety. It can work on slopes up to 40 degrees facing uphill, downhill and transversely.

In America, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Austria, France, Poland and other European Union countries, remote-controlled mower is very popular. Because people in these countries want to create a more safer mowing environment. They want to stay away from vibration, noise, exhaust fumes, dust, pollen, insects and other unknown risks.

Let me introduce how the RC mowers works.

Remote control lawn mower equips gasoline engine. The engine provides power for the lawn mower to drive the cutting blade to rotate quickly to cut the grass. At the same time, the battery provides power to the electric motor, motor drives the crawler walking device to walk or steer. The engine can also automatically charge the battery, so the lawn mower can continue to work.

Let me introduce the classification of RC mowers.

About cutting width, we manufacture mowers with 55cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm mowing width.

According to different walking way, we have rubber track mower and wheel mower.

About mower blade, we have cross blade and Italian blade.

About engine brand, we have Loncin, Yamaha, Briggs & Stratton, Zongshen engine.

According to different engine start type, we have electric start and pull start engine.

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