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Remote Control Mowers/

Radio Controlled Lawn Mower

Mower Model: MAX550

Overall Dimensions: 1310*880*800 mm

Machine Weight: 100 kg

Horsepower: 5.5 hp

Engine Brand: Rato RV225 

Fuel Type:gasoline

Displacement: 223 cc

Mower Blade: Floating blade

Cutting Height: 25 - 120 mm 

Cutting Width: 500 mm 

Travel Speed: 5 km/h 

Remote Range: 200 m

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2WD Mower

Radio controlled lawn mower is a remote control wheeled mowing machine. It has fast travel and mowing speed. This type of mower is suitable for fast mowing operations on flat terrain or gentle slopes. If mowing on hillside, steep-incline, embankment, wetland, swamp and roadside, remote control slope mower is your best choice.

Why use radio controlled lawn mower?

It can do dangerous mowing work on challenging terrain.

If user use traditional lawn mowers, mowing in high summer temperatures is not ideal for users’ occupational health, safety and comfort. Radio controlled lawn mower eliminate exposure to these risks as well as vibration, noise, exhaust fumes, dust, pollen and insects. The user controls all device functions by remote control and avoid to direct burden as vibration, noise and pollution.

Our Advantages:

In Europe and America, there are many brands of radio controlled lawn mowers , such as Spider, Green Climber, RC mowers, Agria, Trackmow, Evatech and so on. All of their remote control mowers have excellent mowing ability, but these mowers are also very expensive. Many people cannot afford it. Most people prefer to spend less money to get a satisfactory remote control lawn mower. We solve it.

We are China’s first and leading radio controlled lawn mower manufacturer and specialize in designing and manufacturing various types of remote control mowers. Our remote control mowing machines also have excellent mowing performance, and the price is only one-third or less of theirs. So our mowers are popular in Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea.

Main parameters of radio controlled lawn mower :

  • Mower Model: MAX550
  • Overall Dimensions: 1300*820*730 mm
  • Machine Weight: 100 kg
  • Horsepower (engine): 5.5 hp
  • Engine Brand: Rato RV225
  • Fuel Type: gasoline
  • Displacement: 223 cc
  • Mower Blade: floating blade
  • Cutting Height: 25 – 120 mm
  • Cutting Width: 500 mm
  • Travel Speed: 5 km/h
  • Remote Range: 200 m


When starting mower, staff should be at the right rear of it. Don’t put foot into mower.

When mower is working, power switch must be turned on. If power switch is turned off, it will damage electronic components.

If working on uneven terrain, please do not lower blade to the lowest position to avoid hitting hard objects.

When turning on power switch of mower, display screen shows battery voltage and power. When battery power is lower than 50% or 11.8V, please charge it in time to protect battery.

Our Advantages:

  1. China’s first and leading remote control lawn mower manufacturer.
  2. Experienced designers, skilled workers and professional sales experts.
  3. Competitive price advantage and best sales-service.
  4. We accept OEM orders to help build your brand.

If you order 1 set, we usually ship it within 3 days. Our lawn mowers are very popular in the following countries and we can provide door-to-door service for the following countries: Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea. Packing: plywood box suitable for seaworthy.

Q1: Are you the manufacturer or retailer? A1: We are the real and original remote control lawn mower manufacturer. In China, many trading companies sell our lawn mowers. If you find the same mower as ours, it is made by us. Q2: Door-to-door service? A2: Our lawn mowers are very popular in the following countries and we can provide door-to-door service for the following countries: Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea. Q3: MOQ? A3: Minimum order quantity: 1 set. More quantity can get more better price. Q4: Terms of payment? A4: T/T, L/C, Alibaba online payment. Q5: Delivery time? A5: It will takes about 3-20 days depending on the order quantity.


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