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4WD Remote Control Mower

Mower Model: MAX600

Overall Dimensions: 1210*1030*560 mm

Machine Weight: 136 kg

Horsepower: 5.5 hp

Fuel Type: gasoline

Cutting Height: 20 - 150 mm

Cutting Width: 600 mm

Travel Speed: 6 km/h

Climb Ability: 30 degrees

Remote Range: 200 m

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4WD Mower

4WD Remote Control Mower – All Terrain Remote Control Lawn Mower.

Configuration and parameters

Engine Type: Gasoline Engine

Horsepower (engine): 5.5 hp                                                                                                 

Engine Brand: Rato RV225

Electric Motor: 600w x 4                                                                                        

Travel Speed: 6 km/h                                                                                

Machine Weight: 136kg                                                             

Overall Dimensions: 121x103x56cm

Mower Blade: floating blade

Mowing Width: 60cm

Mowing Height: 2-15cm

Work Principle of Remote Control Mower

Gasoline engine powers cutter head to make it spin at high speed. Cutter head drives blade to rotate at a high speed to mow the grass.

Battery provides power for 4 walking motors, and 4 walking motors drive mower to travel.

While gasoline engine provides power for mowing the grass, it also provides power for generator, generator charges the battery.

Remote control controls mower to move forward, backward and turn.

Features and advantages 

  • Excellent walking speed and mowing performance.
  • Compared with 4WD remote control mower in European and American countries, our price is much cheaper.
  • We install 4 large pneumatic tires, tire diameter 35 cm, tread width 13 cm.
  • The mower equips a generator that can continuously charge the battery to keep mowing work long hours.
  • We install anti-collision rubber strips on the front and back of the mower.

Why use remote control lawn mower?

User can keep a distance from 4WD remote control mower. So user can avoid machine vibration, exhaust gas, dust and possible dangers from the machine.

How to choose remote control lawn mower?

If you plan to mow grass on a flat or gentle slope, we recommend this 4WD remote control mower. Because 4WD lawn mower has a faster walking speed.

If you plan to mow grass on steep slopes or rough terrain, we recommend tracked mower. Because tracked mower has better climbing ability.

Our Advantages:

  1. China’s first and leading remote control lawn mower manufacturer.
  2. Experienced designers, skilled workers and professional sales experts.
  3. Competitive price advantage and best sales-service.
  4. We accept OEM orders to help build your brand.

If you order 1 set, we usually ship it within 3 days. Our lawn mowers are very popular in the following countries and we can provide door-to-door service for the following countries: Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea. Packing: plywood box suitable for seaworthy.

Q1: Are you the manufacturer or retailer? A1: We are the real and original remote control lawn mower manufacturer. In China, many trading companies sell our lawn mowers. If you find the same mower as ours, it is made by us. Q2: Door-to-door service? A2: Our lawn mowers are very popular in the following countries and we can provide door-to-door service for the following countries: Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea. Q3: MOQ? A3: Minimum order quantity: 1 set. More quantity can get more better price. Q4: Terms of payment? A4: T/T, L/C, Alibaba online payment. Q5: Delivery time? A5: It will takes about 3-20 days depending on the order quantity.



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