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Remote Control Snow Blowers/

Remote Control Snow Blower

Model: MAX700

Overall Dimensions: 930*860*580 mm 

Machine Weight: 250 kg

Horsepower: 15 hp

Starting Type: electric start

Engine Brand: Loncin

Fuel Type: gasoline

Displacement: 300 cc

Battery Capacity: 40A

Throw Distance: 15 m

Remove Snow Width: 700 mm 

Travel Speed: 4 km/h 

Remote Range: 200 m

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Remote Control Snow Blower for sale. We are currently China’s first and only remote control snow blower manufacturer. Please send a message to us to get latest product catalog and price list.

What is remote control snow blower?

It is a intelligent remote control machine. People also name it remote control snow thrower or snowplow. Operator use remote control to control it for snow removal work.

it can clear out snow from driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots with ease.

Why use remote control snow blower?

We don’t like the backbreaking labor of shoveling snow, especially in sub zero temps. Outdoor snow removal work may frostbit us. Besides possible frostbite, there are many bad effects. When we use traditional snow removal machine, we need to hold the machine behind it. The vibration, noise and exhaust gas of snow removal machine directly affect our health. So robot snow blower should do these snow removal works.

How does it work?

It equips gasoline engine, battery and electric motor to supply power for whole machine. Gasoline engine provides power for the front-end snow removal device. The snow removal device rolls up the snow on the ground.. Then it throws the snow far away by the wind power of machine. At the same time, gasoline engine charge the battery. The battery provides power for electric motors. Electric motors drive the snow blower to travel. In this way, the snow blower throws snow while travelling.

User does the entire snow removal work through the remote control. The remote control controls the walking direction and steering of the machine.

Where are the markets for remote control machine?

Besides remote control snow thrower, we also manufacture remote control lawn mowers.

This type of remote control machines are very popular in America, Canada, Europe, Korea and Japan. We can provide door-to-door service for the above countries. If you are a retailer in the above counties, we can be your reliable partner.

Our Advantages:

  1. China’s first and leading remote control snow blower manufacturer.
  2. Experienced designers, skilled workers and professional sales experts.
  3. Competitive price advantage and best sales-service.
  4. We accept OEM orders to help build your brand.

If you order 1 set, we usually ship it within 3 days.

Our lawn mowers are very popular in the following countries and we can provide door-to-door service for the following countries:

Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea.

Packing: plywood box suitable for seaworthy.

Q1: Are you the manufacturer or retailer?

A1: We are the real and original remote control lawn mower manufacturer. In China, many trading companies sell our lawn mowers. If you find the same mower as ours, it is made by us.

Q2: Door-to-door service?

A2: Our lawn mowers are very popular in the following countries and we can provide door-to-door service for the following countries: Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea.

Q3: MOQ?

A3: Minimum order quantity: 1 set. More quantity can get more better price.

Q4: Terms of payment?

A4: T/T, L/C, Alibaba online payment.

Q5: Delivery time?

A5: It will takes about 3-20 days depending on the order quantity.


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