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HB500-24 Chinese Remote control lawn mower sent to Spain has been shipped from China

This remote control lawn mower is a very popular product among our customers. It uses a remote control lawn mower to start and stop remotely, and we also install a starter battery. It can achieve self generating and sustainable operation. We have equipped it with a 1.2L mailbox as standard.

24V remote lawn mower

MAX Remote Lawn Mower

Compared with some products in the market, our lawn mower mainly adopts integrated circuit control, which has the advantages of product stability, fast walking speed, and high mowing efficiency. We also provide you with one year of product after-sales service. The blades of this device can be automatically adjusted up and down, and the mowing efficiency can reach 1500m ³/ h. The mowing height can reach 20-150mm, which you can use on your farm, orchard, and lawn.

Using a remote control for simple control, making it easier for you to manage your grassland.MAX lawn mower is uniformly equipped with remote control controlled by button start and joystick, the remote control started by ordinary joystick is prone to operation confusion and burnout of the product circuit, and the functional area of the remote control activated by the button is clearer and clearer, and it is not easy to have circuit problems caused by operation errors.

At the end of 2019, we found that remote control lawn mowers in European and American countries are very expensive. So we started to design and manufacture RC mowers. In the spring of 2020, we started selling the first RC mower. It is a rubber track slope mower. It equips gasoline engine, 24 Ah battery and 1.2 kw electric motor.



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