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About maintenance of remote control lawn mower

In the process of after-sales service with customers, we found that many problems are not caused by product quality, Remote control lawn mower use gasoline engines. During use, poor maintenance can easily cause damage to the equipment. We have summarized some reasons.

remote lawn mower

Gasoline engine fuel (above 90#), engine oil sae30. The new machine needs to be run-in for 2 hours at total speed, and the engine oil can be replaced before it can be used normally. During normal use, the engine oil should be changed once every 30 hours.

Check the engine oil level before and after each use. When the air-cooled gasoline engine works continuously, the crankshaft temperature cannot exceed 90 degrees.

If it overheats, it can continue to work after stopping for 15-20 minutes. Adding gasoline must be done when the engine is cold. Do not use maximum throttle for long periods of time when not mowing.

Gasoline engines are prohibited from overspeeding and should be stopped at low speed. The engine oil must be of the correct type, genuine, and clean, and the gasoline must be clean and fresh. The air filter element should be checked frequently and replaced regularly.

Clean the dirty filter element with soapy water and dry it before use. After the gasoline engine has been running for 10 hours, carbon deposits should be removed once.

When cleaning, remove the cylinder head and remove the carbon deposits attached to the cylinder, cylinder head, piston, valve, etc. Carbon deposits must not enter the cylinder bore and valve seat. Keep the gasoline engine, especially the cylinder radiator, clean. When refueling, inspecting, repairing, or performing maintenance, remove the spark plug cap, do not smoke, and keep away from bright lights.

About MAX remote control lawn mower

Max founded in 2004, located in Jining City, Shandong Province, China, Max (Shandong) Industrial Co Ltd specializes in designing and manufacturing remote control lawn mower, remote control snow blower and rubber track mini excavator.


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