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Reasons why the remote lawn mower cannot add too much oil during operation

The remote lawn mower of oil lubricates various parts of the machine in the cylinder through the action of the oil splash wheel, which continuously splashes the oil to clean, lubricate and cool down the various parts of the machine. If too much oil is added, it will This causes a large amount of emulsification and bubbles, and at the same time, the engine oil cannot be splashed, so it cannot play a lubricating role and the temperature of the cylinder increases.

Therefore, the device should not be filled with too much oil during use.

About engine oil maintenance

Before each use of the

it is recommended to remote lawn mower, check the engine oil level to see if it is between the upper and lower marks on the oil dipstick.

The oil should be replaced after 5 hours of use of a new machine, and again after 10 hours of use. In the future, the oil should be replaced regularly according to the instructions. Oil change should be performed when the engine is warm. Do not refill too much, otherwise there will be large black smoke, insufficient power (excessive carbon deposits in the cylinder, small spark plug gap), engine overheating, etc. Do not add too little oil, otherwise the engine gear noise will be loud, the piston ring and cylinder barrel will be accelerated to wear and damaged, and even lagging will occur, causing serious damage to the engine.

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