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How does a 24V remote control lawn mower cut grass?

The power source of the remote control lawn mower is a gasoline engine, which we purchase directly from the market.

remote control lawn mower

This equipment is controlled by a remote control. Driven by the gasoline engine, the actuator drives the cutter to rotate at high speed to achieve the function of mowing the grass. The middle belt of the actuator allows the remote control lawn mower to walk independently when not mowing.

Our lawn mowers adapt to different working environments and have different requirements for mowing width. Different mowing widths can be achieved through the height adjustment device. The mowing width can be adjusted from 20mm to 150mm. The mobile lawn mower realizes the forward movement of the lawn mower through remote control command of the walking motor.

The lawn mower walks on flat ground and works on grass of different density, so it requires different traveling speeds. Different traveling speeds of the lawn mower can be achieved by adjusting the meshing of different gears. We perform remote control steering of the lawn mower based on the needs of the site required for the lawn mower and the actual situation of my operation. The overall frame of the lawn mower is a welded frame.

At the end of 2019, we found that remote control lawn mowers in European and American countries are very expensive. So we started to design and manufacture RC mowers. In the spring of 2020, we started selling the first RC mower. It is a rubber track slope mower. It equips gasoline engine, 24 Ah battery and 1.2 kw electric motor.



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