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We recommend a new product Remote Control Snow Plow for our customers

We have launched a new Remote Control Snow Plow, which has been loved and paid attention to by our customers since its launch.

 MAX1000 Remote Control Snow Plow

It is a 6wd remote control snow plow robot. People also name it remote controlled snow blade or RC snow pusher. It belongs to snow removal machine and help people clear snow from driveways and sidewalks. User controls it by a remote control. It can push snow frontally and sideways. The user adjusts the snow pushing direction through the remote control. Besides, we also install a hook on the back of it. So people can also use it as a mini tractor to pull a small trailer.

This product is a all battery power snow cleaning machine without engine. So it is very quite when it works. 200Ah super capacity battery ensures that the snow plow can work for a long time to get the job done. In order to be more efficient, we install 6 electric travel motors. Its walking speed can reach a maximum of 6 kilometers per hour. So it is perfect for businesses, schools, homes, large parking lots with high efficient and without noisy sounds.

Technical Parameters

  • Snow Removal Width 1000 mm
  • Snow Removal Height 280 mm
  • Battery Capacity 200 Ah
  • Working Hours 3-4 hours
  • Travel Motor 250 watt x 6
  • Travel Speed 6 km/h
  • Overall Size 1500 x 910 x 450 mm
  • Net Weight 220 kg



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