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Why can’t outdoor power such as remote lawn mower start in the spring after winter?

Outdoor power such as remote lawn mower are generally stored in storage without work in winter. If the maintenance before warehousing is not good, it often causes the machine to fail to start when it is activated in the spring of the next year.

remote lawn mower

MAX slope lawn mower

The general reason is that the fuel in the mailbox and gasifier is not burned out during winter maintenance, and the oil that survives the winter cannot be burned. At the same time, the presence of oil in the vaporizer will cause the sediment to clog the oil hole after the gasoline volatilizes.

The result is a machine that doesn’t start or doesn’t run smoothly. Therefore, the remote lawn mower machine must be maintained before storage before it is stopped in winter, that is, the fuel in the mailbox must be exhausted and the fuel in the vaporizer must be burned. At the same time, open the spark plug and drip 2-3 drops of oil into the cylinder, and pull the starter 2 times.

In case of malfunction, it is recommended to find a professional for maintenance. Sometimes the blue smoke phenomenon is found when working, because the organic oil participates in the combustion, and the oil dipstick should be checked first to see if the oil is too much after the fault is found. If it is excessive, drain the excess oil and run for another 10 minutes. If the fault is still not eliminated, it is recommended to contact MAX remote lawn mower engineer after-sales service personnel.



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