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Max Shandong Industrial Co

Max Shandong Industrial Co Ltd

Max ( Shandong ) Industrial Co Ltd is China’s leading remote control lawn mower manufacturer and only remote control snow blower manufacturer.

Today we use the new website as the official website of Max ( Shandong ) Industrial Co Ltd : https://remote-mower.com/

Why use the website?

The era of robots is coming. In today’s era, people are increasingly pursuing work comfort and safety. People increasingly rely on remote control machines to do dangerous and hard works.

As a creative Chinese manufacturer, we must seize this opportunity. Remote control machines are becoming our most important field.

We plan to design and manufacture various of remote control machines, such as remote control lawn mower, remote control snow blower and so on.

Remote control lawn mower is our first remote control type machine. It is also our most important the field of remote control machines. So we use the domain name  remote-mower.com.

If you are interested in remote control machines, if you want to be our business partner, please contact us. Welcome to choose Max.


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